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6 Gameplay Tips for Elden Ring that the Game Never Explains to You

Playing Elden Ring for the first time, especially without knowledge from another From Software game, can be a daunting experience. Even more so because the game isn’t particularily good at explaining some very crucial or useful mechanics. I have collected some tips from my own experience with the game that are never explicitly explained anywhere. So if you are just starting out with Elden Ring or even played for some time but are running into trouble, maybe this knowledge can help you out. The tips are from this Twitter thread I made, and some of the information stems from people who commented there, so thanks a lot to them!

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Why we wander the digital landscape

Most people call it video game tourism. Some culture correspondents might call it digital flaneurism, or meandering. I call it cultural landscaping. No ‘digital’, no ‘video game’ distinguishing or devaluing it. That’s because cultural landscaping is a concept long established in the humanities, a practice of many an author of research papers and travel literature alike. And it just so happens to work perfectly in digital environments.

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Highlights of 2015: A selected few

This is a reblog from one of the first pieces I ever published in English, back when I participated in Haywire Magazines review of 2015 games. It’s amusing (to me at least) to see the progress I’ve made since then, so I decided to reupload it. It also marks a nice, rather clean break from the German content you see when you scroll down, so: Welcome to Indieflock, English version!

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Welcome to Indieflock

Hi there! This is the personal games culture blog from Pascal Wagner, linguist, indie reviewer and Twitter squid. Every article below this one is from a different, more German, time. Everything above is the new and improved website, revised in sharper colours and better grammar. Exciting!

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Fortune Friday #6: Lunchtime Paper Shafts

The last Fortune Friday concludes with a blast from the past: A cookie from the original Shadow Warrior! Also, a pixel girl from the original Shadow Warrior, but that one wasn’t intentional. I don’t know about you, but I am hyped for Shadow Warrior 2. Again: Give the first one a try if you haven’t already. Weiterlesen „Fortune Friday #6: Lunchtime Paper Shafts“

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Fortune Friday #5: In Bed!

Glory of warriors past found its way into Shadow Warrior. Did you know? Just…don’t bend down for the soap if you are not prepared. Weiterlesen „Fortune Friday #5: In Bed!“

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Fortune Friday #4: Sing Along

Wisdom of the old masters and a disturbing amount of sexual mistakes find their place in todays pictures. I’m going to call in sick, I think. Weiterlesen „Fortune Friday #4: Sing Along“

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Fortune Friday #3: The Wang Awakens

There’s climate change and Ninja Turtles in here. Can you find them? If you missed sone of the picture galleries, click the links below. They’re as gorgeous as Wang is!

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