Fortune Friday #6: Lunchtime Paper Shafts

The last Fortune Friday concludes with a blast from the past: A cookie from the original Shadow Warrior! Also, a pixel girl from the original Shadow Warrior, but that one wasn’t intentional. I don’t know about you, but I am hyped for Shadow Warrior 2. Again: Give the first one a try if you haven’t already. Weiterlesen

Fortune Friday #5: In Bed!

Glory of warriors past found its way into Shadow Warrior. Did you know? Just…don’t bend down for the soap if you are not prepared. Weiterlesen

Fortune Friday #4: Sing Along

Wisdom of the old masters and a disturbing amount of sexual mistakes find their place in todays pictures. I’m going to call in sick, I think. Weiterlesen

Fortune Friday #3: The Wang Awakens

There’s climate change and Ninja Turtles in here. Can you find them? If you missed sone of the picture galleries, click the links below. They’re as gorgeous as Wang is!

  • Fortune Friday #1: Cookie Wisdom for Everyone
  • Fortune Friday #2: All Fights Reserved
  • Fortune Friday #2: All Fights Reserved

    Week 2 of FortuneFriday starts with a Copyright claim and ends with helpful advice. Thanks, wild hogs. If you missed last weeks picture gallery, click the link below. They’re as gorgeous as Wang is!

  • Fortune Friday #1: Cookie Wisdom for Everyone
  • Fortune Friday #1: Cookie Wisdom for Everyone

    So Flying Wild Hog is developing Shadow Warrior 2 and I love it. To commemorate this and fuel my own hype, I made a little foto gallery with possibly the best collectibles in gaming history: Asshole fortune cookies. I will post one of this galleries every week. Let’s call this conveniently the ‚FortuneFriday‘, because it will hashtag well. If you enjoy the cookies, you should try out Shadow Warrior. It’s currently dirt-cheap on Steam (like it is most sales). If you are capable of reading German, you might even enjoy my review of it.

    Highlights of 2015: A selected few

    I participated in this years review of 2015’s games at Haywire Magazine. Since all entries are written in English, I decided to upload them along with this English introduction for the broad audience. At least this gave me an excuse for an ‚English‘ category on the blog that I plan to fill from time to time.
    I recommend you try out the games below because they are really awesome. Enjoy the read.