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Civilization, colonialism, and the misunderstanding of history

In 2017, I wrote one of the last articles for the wonderful website Ontological Geek, RIP. After the site went into hiatus, I reblogged my article about Civilization VI on my research website Language at Play as well. This is a forwarding page to the original release as well as the Language at Play article.

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Highlights of 2015: A selected few

This is a reblog from one of the first pieces I ever published in English, back when I participated in Haywire Magazines review of 2015 games. It’s amusing (to me at least) to see the progress I’ve made since then, so I decided to reupload it. It also marks a nice, rather clean break from the German content you see when you scroll down, so: Welcome to Indieflock, English version!

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Welcome to Indieflock

Hi there! This is the personal games culture blog from Pascal Wagner, linguist, indie reviewer and Twitter squid. Every article below this one is from a different, more German, time. Everything above is the new and improved website, revised in sharper colours and better grammar. Exciting!